Bernalillo Road Projects Update


Old Hwy 44 is currently under construction with the first phase of that project expected to be completed by mid-April.  The next two projects are getting ready to start as well.  Construction on Calle San Lorenzo, between Calle Don Francisco and Camino Del Bosque will start February 5th.  However, starting next week (Jan. 29th)  you will see crews on Calle San Lorenzo conducting preliminary field work.  Gutierrez Rd will begin in the next few weeks, as both of these projects will be going on at the same time.  Both roads will be closed to Thru Traffic, but residents will have access, with some expected delays during the project.  Police and Fire will always have access to these locations no matter what.  We appreciate your patience during these much needed upgrades, and we look forward to having these three new roads completed by the summer!

Update 02/21/24:

Contractors continue to move along with all three of our road projects on schedule.

Old Hwy 44 has hit its halfway point and pavement should be getting laid down in the next two weeks.

Old Hwy 44 Construction - Copy

Calle San Lorenzo has already had the first layer of asphalt laid down and is now past the halfway point of this project.  This one is a little ahead of schedule.

Calle San Lorenzo Construction  - Copy

Gutierrez Rd. will begin to see activity this week as crews begin removing the old asphalt and working it back into the ground as the base for the new asphalt.  This road is very narrow so access is going to be very limited.  Contractors will be notifying residents of access limitations as the project moves forward.  With this project and both of our other road projects, we continue to thank you for your patience and understanding of the inconvenience that can come with making our Town roads better.