Information Technology

Information Technology Department
Director:  Michael Vigil

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for overseeing the design, implementation, maintenance, and procurement of all telecommunications, network, and computer systems used by staff employed by the Town of Bernalillo, as well as any technology services delivered to the Town's citizens. Detailed areas of oversight include:

  • Web site and services
  • Computing hardware and software assets
  • Databases and information storage
  • Email and electronic communications systems
  • Telecommunications systems and equipment
  • Professional technical services

The IT Department is also responsible for the installation of new software, configuration of all information systems, and the provision of troubleshooting and help desk solutions to Town staff.

About the Information Technology Director

The Information Technology Director oversees the daily technology operations that affect computing and information systems, as well as develops procedures approved by the Mayor and Town Administrator for the use and security of the Town's information systems, and acting as lead architect in the implementation and/or upgrade of existing strategic technical assets. The key to success for any IT Department is to provide excellent customer service. By giving the Town's administration and employees the most secure, proven, and cost-effective technical solutions available, they can in turn do a better job of serving Bernalillo's constituents.