The Town of Bernalillo has experienced varied growth since 1960. During this 40-year period, the population has grown 2.39 percent annually, overall. The town is the County Seat of Sandoval County. The County is expected to grow at an annual rate of 2.77 percent from the year 2000 to the year 2025 with much of the growth expeced to occur in the City of Rio Rancho and environs. The town expects to grow 2.00 percent annually from the year 2000 to the year 2025 reaching a population of 10,852 in that period. The population in the 2000 Census was 6,611.

In 2000, employment in Bernalillo was approximately 2,300. About 900 of the jobs were government, primarily Bernalillo Public Schools and Sandoval County. The largest private sector employer was Centex American Gypsum Company which produces wallboard for the housing industry from nearby gypsum deposits. The largest private sector of the economy was retail services which accounted for 600 jobs, many of which were in the restaurant and fast food industry.

Population Trends (1960 - 2000)

Population 2,574 2,016 3,012 5,960 6,611
Annual Growth   -2.47% 4.10% 7.06% 1.04%
Sources: U.S. Bureau of Census (1960-1990); MRGCOG (2000)

1980 Median Age (Census): 25.7
1990 Median Age (Census): 28.7
2000 Median Age (Census): 31.9

Housing by Type

YearSingle FamilyMulti-FamilyMobile HomesTotal Units
1991 1,276 158 745 2,179
2000 1,276 126 1,041 2,473
Sources: Census, 1990 & 2000

2000 Average Household Size (Census): 2.86

Median Household Income
1989 (Census): $19,663 (65% of the U.S. median)
1999 (Census): $30,864
Mayor and Town Council, elected, 4-year staggered terms. Mayoral apointment of a Town Administrator, Treasurer, Clerk, and Chief of Police.


  • Water: Town of Bernalillo
  • Source of Water: Ground water
  • Sewer: Town of Bernalillo maintains a system of lines and a sewer treatment plant
  • Solid Waste: Collection by private contractor
  • Electric: Public Service Company of New Mexico
  • Natural Gas: Public Service Company of New Mexico
  • Telephone: QWEST


  • Police: Town of Bernalillo
  • Fire Department & EMS: Town of Bernalillo (mutual aid provided by Sandoval County Fire Dept.)
  • Parks: The Town maintains a swimming pool, tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields
Bernalillo Public School District