Town Council

About the Town Council
The stated mission of the Town Council is: "To provide fair, open, and responsible governance to all citizens of the Town of Bernalillo; and, to enact ordinances, regulations, and policies consistent with the administrative needs of the government for the benefit of this and future generations."

The Town Council is the Legislative branch of the Town of Bernalillo, and consists of the Mayor and four publicly-elected Trustees. Trustee terms of office are four years, staggered so that two Trustees are elected each two years. The Mayor serves a four year term. By majority vote, the Town Council also approves the Mayor's appointment of the Town Administrator, Town Treasurer, Town Clerk, Fire Chief and Chief of Police. State law and local ordinances dictate the powers and duties of the Mayor and Council.

In general terms, policy is decided by the Council and carried out by the Administrative branch of Town government. The Mayor officiates at all meetings of the Council and votes only for the purpose of breaking a tie vote. The public can attend the meetings as observers but do not participate in the activities unless requested by the Mayor. Meetings are regularly scheduled for the second and fourth Mondays of each month.