Upcoming Road Construction in Bernalillo

Road Construction Projects In Bernalillo…

The Town has finalized construction on a drainage project on Camino Del Pueblo (NM 313) and Calle Montoya.  You may have noticed after our recent rains that the southbound lanes of Camino Del Pueblo are not allowing water to pool along the roadway at Calle Montoya like they used to.  The water now drains into two new infiltration trenches on the shoulders of Calle Montoya, providing a safer roadway for residents and commuters.

Beginning in early January 2024, the Town will be repaving Old Hwy 44between N. Camino Del Pueblo (NM 313) and Santa Ana Rd.  During the NMDOT’s 550 construction project a few years ago, Old Hwy 44 unfortunately became a bypass road for all of the traffic trying to avoid the construction, which heavily damaged that road.  Through funding from NMDOT, the road will be completely rehabilitated during a three-month project, ending in the Spring of 2024.  After the roadway is completed, the bridge over the Mid Rio Grande Conservancy District’s Albuquerque Main Canal (near the intersection of Ronald Rd), will also be rehabilitated with a full bridge replacement.  That second phase of the project will begin in the winter of 2024/2025 during the non-irrigation season.

Two more road projects are coming up in 2024!  The Town will be repaving Calle San Lorenzo between Camino Del Bosque and Calle Don Francisco.  At the same time, the Town will also be repaving Gutierrez Road from E. Avenida Bernalillo (NM 473) to Valle Ave.

With all of these road projects, we know that many people will be inconvenienced, from the residents living along those roads to the commuters who use them daily.  All of the contractors on these projects will place appropriate signage to provide you with detour routes and what to expect during each phase of the project.  We will do our best to minimize the quality of life impacts to our residents, but we do ask for your patience and understanding as these road projects are much needed ones in our community.