Water Department

Water Department:

About the Water Department

Whether we are providing safe water for residents to drink, supplying water for industries to manufacture goods here in town, or protecting the region's water resources, delivering quality to customers has been a commitment of the Town of Bernalillo Water Department, a division of Public Works, throughout our many years of public service.

Town of Bernalillo Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP)

There are minimum government standards and operating regulations required of each municipal water provider. We have set our service levels beyond those minimum standards. Even with that commitment of service, the rates charged our business and residential customers are lower than those of surrounding communities and lower than the average for municipalities across the state.

The supply of water is becoming increasingly problematic. New regulations from the State Engineer's Office and increasing destruction of farmlands and agricultural pursuits being replaced by homes and businesses has put a strain on each water provider to have enough to go around. We are constantly looking for water rights to purchase at an economic rate to guarantee enough for todays and tomorrow's residents and businesses.

Our commitment to collecting storm water and treating wastewater is our commitment to the health and vitality of the surrounding rivers, countless creeks and streams, and the people of our region who enjoy and depend on these waterways.

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